My story...

An inspired and passionate teacher, guide, and modern practitioner, I have spent many years immersed in the study of Buddhism and Mindfulness. 

My journey began when I started teaching children and supporting adults living with Autism back in 2013. I struggled to make sense of why these amazing souls had so many challenges, and I still do in many ways. A kind friend introduced me to Buddhism and the art of Mindfulness to help me be a better teacher and human being for them, and well, for everyone.

Over the years since, my passion has grown for sharing Mindfulness with others. After training as a Mindfulness Practitioner, I have gone on to study Transformation Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, and additional Meditation techniques. 

I offer clients a contemporary blend of Mindfulness and Spiritual Life Coaching to provide a sustainable framework for mindful living.

Born and raised in small town New Zealand, I am back and based in my home town, but am available internationally via video calls, telephone, or email.

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