About me...

An inspired and passionate teacher, guide, and modern practitioner, I have spent many years immersed in the study of Buddhism and Mindfulness. 

Over the years my passion has grown for sharing Mindfulness with others, and I have gained a number of Mindfulness Practitioner certifications to support my practice.

When I discovered I could support the amazing creatives in the Music Industry, to help them to achieve their greatness, expanding possibility beyond their imagination, I couldn't think of a greater passion to follow. 

Due to a hearing injury, I can't play guitar as much as I would like, but my passion for music is still very much alive. Hand me a Fender Telecaster, add a bit of dirt from a good pedal, a Fender twin reverb, some Country Rock, and life is pretty good!

I am available internationally via video calls, telephone, or chat etc.

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